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NDAA 2013: Drones, Permanent War And Indefinite Detention Without Charge Or Trial For American Citizens On American Soil.
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Bruce on Bikers Rights/Motorcyclists Rights
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Extreme Long Distance Endurance Motorcycle Rider IronBoltBruce If you willingly trade liberty for security, expect to be sheared in good times and slaughtered in bad. Such is the fate of the Sheeple. If on the contrary, you'd rather die on your feet than live on your knees, rise up now and join us in the struggle: The battle for bikers' rights is not about patches, parties or poker runs. We fight to protect the freedom and promote the interests of American motorcyclists ... to defend our right to choose our own modes of transportation, attire and lifestyle ... to deter and defy discrimination against us ... and to vanquish those who violate our rights or right-of-way.

Motorcycle Awareness
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With the release of the December 2009 issue of "Bruce on Bikers' Rights", this series was rolled into Bruce's Rights Riders List, email broadcasts to which were often blocked by Big Brother and consequently terminated in late 2010. But what the Hell. There are over 10 million motorcycle owners in America ... a large percentage of whom consider themselves "motorcyclists" ... a small portion of which qualify as "bikers". Of these, less than 300,000 claim or show any interest in protecting their rights as citizens much less riders, and less than 1,000 hold any true claim to being "bikers rights activists". IronBoltBruce was one of them, but Bruce is tired of fighting fixed contests in rigged arenas defending illusory rights for a clueless and care-less constituency.

Motorcycle Awareness
Bikers Rights: Fuck Cars!

"This is my position on IronBoltBruce in the greater context of motorcyclists rights. He will fight anyone, anytime, anywhere, and he will never back down. Never met him, so I can only assume this is the case in person as well as on the Internet. I have and will continue to have Bruce's back when and where I believe he is fighting on behalf of the greater good. I would be hard put to find anyone more aggressive."--Rusty Bongard, 12 March 2009

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