Bikers' Rights: You Are A Murderer, Ms. Adelus

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You Are A Murderer, Ms. Adelus
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Subject: You Are A Murderer, Ms. Adelus

Ms. Adelus,

You are a MURDERER. One of many who cloak their crimes under the false vestment of "professional journalist".

Every time one of you myopic media morons publishes a "news" article assuring the public that motorcycle helmets or mandatory helmet laws are the cure-all for motorcycle safety, you increase the risk of injury or death for millions of responsible motorcyclists by reinforcing the failed public policy focus on crash survival rather than crash prevention. This is supported with facts and logic in this recent letter to some misguided do-gooders:


Do you know what a "fact" is, Ms. Adelus? Or do you only know how to carelessly or capriciously bastardize them, as you do in your article below? Motorcycle fatality numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ("NHTSA") you erroneously attribute to their USDOT parent. And I'll correct your unsupported "45 percent" claim with this:

Last year there may have been 4,810 motorcycle fatalities that accounted for more than ten percent of all traffic deaths. But by NHTSA's own numbers, of those 4,810 motorcyclists, 2,792 were helmeted, and only 2,018 were not helmeted. In other words, 58% WERE WEARING HELMETS AND DIED ANYWAY. For the remaining 2,018, apply the 37% factor supplied by NHTSA through their illegal lobbying partner, the National Transportation Safety Board ("NTSB")...


...and the actual number of lives that might have been saved if ALL riders had been helmeted in ALL 50 states ALL year is only 747. I am not saying that those 747 lives are not important, but the sad fact is that they represent less than 16% of all motorcycle fatalities for 2006. And that being the case, Ms. Adelus, would you please tell me how in the hell you arrived at your ridiculous conclusion that the "...leading cause of those fatalities is the absence of a helmet"?!?

The leading cause of motorcycle fatalities, Ms. Adelus, is NOT the "...absence of a helmet". The leading cause is the absence of motorcycle safety policies focused on crash prevention (aimed at motorists) rather than crash survival (aimed at motorcyclists) ... a condition not likely to be remedied so long as incompetent journalists like you continue to parrot spurious statistics and bureaucratic spin that serve no purpose other than to blame the victims for the crime ... so as to absolve the guilt of negligent, care-less, distracted and impaired motorists who maim and kill motorcyclists by violating our right-of-way. Hopefully, you will hear more about this in the Motorcycle Riders Foundation ("MRF") press conference scheduled for this Thursday in Washington DC (9:15 AM EST November 15th 2007):


You may not be holding the gun, Ms. Adelus, but your mis-reporting is helping pull the trigger. And by law, that makes you a MURDERER.

Speaking strictly for myself and no other individuals or organizations,


Author and Publisher, LdrLongDistanceRider.com
Co-Moderator, Bruce-n-Ray's Biker Forum
Premier Member, Iron Butt Association
Sustaining Member, Motorcycle Riders Foundation
2007 Chairman's Circle, American Motorcyclist Association


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