Bikers' Rights: Let's Take Back The AMA: A Message From AMA BOD Candidate Paul Cote

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"Let's Take Back The AMA":
A Message From AMA BOD Candidate Paul Cote
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From: Paul Cote [mailto:Claimscote@aol.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2008 12:46 PM
To: Bruce@ldrlongdistancerider.com
Subject: Final Call for AMA Board election - and 3 year Plan

Date: January 1, 2008 - Last call for sending in election ballots, and planning for the near future of the AMA:


(Amesbury, MA) AMA members who reside in its Northeast and Southeast Regions have until January 15, 2008 to send in their vote for two "member seats" on the AMA Board of Directors, by returning the official ballots that were in the last issue of the American Motorcyclists Magazine. Only official ballots will be counted. Life members who do not receive the magazine can request ballots be sent to them via the above link.

AMA members can have a 'say' in how the AMA operates and its priorities. But it takes individuals who are leaders nationwide to become an AMA member, get nominated, and get elected from your Regions, and/or support those who support your priorities,

As many of us know from our involvement in our State Motorcyclists Rights Organizations, politics and public policy is not a spectator sport. And the same is true with "member" organizations, whether they have 100 members or 290,000 members. Its those who participate are the ones who call the shots, sets the priorities and the organizations' agendas.

As a candidate for the Northeast Region seat...


..I urge all riders who are leaders to get involved take a hold of the AMA.

The AMA Board of Directors consists of 12 positions. Six of those are from Industry and AMA members have no "say" in who those Industry Directors are. But as AMA members we have a "say" in who will be our six Regional Directors, and who might balance the Board to ensure the "rights" of motorcyclists and the future of motorcycling, remains a number one priority of the AMA.

It make take three years, but the opportunity exists for members to stack one-half of the AMA Board of Directors with six leaders from the motorcyclists rights community. And that Plan begins NOW with this Election for the Northeast and Southeast seats, and continues with nominations each May and elections in early 2009, 2010 and 2011.

After this January 15, 2008 election, in May - nominations will begin for January 15, 2009 elections of the Southeast Region and South Central Region.

In May 2009, nominations for the January 15, 2010 elections of the North Central Region and Northwest Region will be held.

In May, 2010, nominations for the January 15, 2011 election of Northeast Region and Southwest Region will be held. Thereafter, the term of office of each Director, regardless of Class, shall be for three years. Each director shall hold office until a successor is elected.

I appreciate and thank all the SMRO leaders, AMA Clubs and Promoters in the 13-State AMA Northeast Region, for all the work and support you've given me in this election to the AMA Board of Directors. I hope I win. But once I win, . . . I'll need company on the Board. Your company, your leadership, your vision.

So begin with me now, and let's work 2009 through 2011 to get motorcyclists rights leaders on the AMA Board of Directors, and take back the AMA for its members.

Paul W. Cote


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