Bikers' Rights: Three Views On SB-802

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Three Views On SB-802
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1. From James "Doc" Reichenbach II, Elected President, Paid Lobbyist and Cult Leader of ABATE of Florida, Inc.:

From: noticefrom@floridaabate.com [mailto:noticefrom@floridaabate.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 12:35 PM
Subject: ABATE - Hot News from Doc

Just received at 11:30 am, 4/8/08

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Hot News from Doc - ABATE of Florida, Inc Lobbyist...

During the Criminal Justice Sub-Committee hearing today, ABATE offered an amendment to strike the confiscation portion of Senate Bill 802, and it has been accepted.

This has been one of the major arguments concerning both the House and Senate versions. Confiscation of personal property is always controversial, but more importantly, would cause third time offenders to become even more dangerous by trying to outrun or elude enforcement.

Now we need to see what the House version will do...

The above information has NOT yet been posted on the State of Florida Senate website, but should be available for review later today.


2. From Robert "RC" Conroy, Independent Bikers' Rights Advocate:

Name: rc
Date Posted: Apr 8, 08 - 6:13 PM
Email: rckimnama@aol.com
Website: http://bigbendbikersforfreedom.com

I was at the committee meeting this am. A senator did offer a last minute amendment, however the wording had already been changed on the committees website minus the seizure issue.

Garcia did at the end of the hearing on this issue thank DOC and ABATE for helping him on this bill. However I would wonder how much of a victory it is for Doc when it is exactly what we have been screaming about since Last September I believe it was, while Doc was calling the Bill dead and don't write or call your legislators.

I might also wonder if Doc is also aware that Garcia asked me to contact him?

It is also interesting to note that last week I informed the transportation comm. of the Florida Supreme Courts concerns re vehicle seizures and the third court of appeals finding in January of this year that the City of Miami's seizure laws were unconstitutional on three counts to the possibility of having to pay back 12 milliion to the public. Sam also addressed the inadequacies of seizure laws. It could be, though God only knows when you have back room dealings, that the Criminal justice committee has a better grasp on these issues than the transportation committee.

I also remember the chair of the House infrastructure Quoting a letter from a policeman up north that sounded very much like a member of this forum and how that letter went a long ways towards his nay vote on HB137.

However if Doc wants to have the Glory of saying once again he saved the day all by his lonesome that be cool as long as he cops to the fact that part of the difficulty of this struggle has been his insistence that the bill was dead.

If it be our, the little peoples, destiny to hold the lumiinaries of the biker rights movement such as the MRF and the likes Riechenbach feet to the fire to keep them honest then so be it.

The goal is freedom. No one man can claim credit for that except maybe Jesus. IF the framers of the constitution and signers of the declaration of independence shared the credit.

So to Doc I offer my hearty Congratulations on the immediacy of your Victory announcement. rc



3. From IronBoltBruce, Independent Bikers' Rights Advocate:

All of those involved in the fight to kill HB-137 and SB-802 know who deserves credit ... and blame ... and for what.

The important thing to recognize at this point is that HB-137 and SB-802 are a long way from dead:




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