Bikers' Rights: Motorcyclists Targeted by Police (Hollywood CA)

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Motorcyclists Targeted by Police (Hollywood CA)
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From: Jeremy Simmons [mailto:jeremy@impactmoto.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2008 2:38 PM
To: Bruce@ldrlongdistancerider.com
Subject: Motorcyclists Targeted by Police
Importance: High

I'm sure you are aware of the roadblocks in NY during Americade last week.

I am the promoter of a well known weekly sportbike gathering in Hollywood, CA and we had our rights equally trampled on during our gathering last night.

At 10:30pm a joint task force between the CHP and LAPD invaded Hollywood Bikenight. No less than a dozen units from each agency plus several helicopters swarmed the gathering. I have been promoting this event for 8 years and participating in such gatherings for more than 12 years, I have watched the TV show COPS for almost 20 years and seen countless news reports of alleged gunmen barricaded in a home or in a bank during a robbery, and short of the infamous "May Day Melee" by LAPD in McArthur Park last year, I have never seen so many law enforcement officers in one place.

They didn't show up with all those resources to sit and wait for someone to break a law. As motorcyclists became fearful of the overwhelming law enforcement presence, many decided to leave. But every law enforcement officer immediately pulled over every motorcycle instantly upon exiting the parking lot. It was obvious the motorcyclist had not committed a moving violation, and the immediacy and urgency of law enforcement to come up from behind and initiate a traffic stop did not give enough time to see any equipment violation prior to the commencement of the traffic stop. So most of the stops were pre-text.

Two riders were stopped on their way out the parking lot and their front tires hadn't even hit the street when a CHP unit came flying down the road blocking their exit. Both were immediately asked for paperwork. One rider was allegedly stopped because he had green lights on his motorcycle (not illegal in CA). The other rider was on a completely stock motorcycle and was still ordered to show paperwork. Clearly a pre-text on him.

Another rider was accused of not turning on his turn signal early enough, even though he did use it and turned it on quite a distance before he attempted to turn into the parking lot. He had a valid motorcycle permit but did not have it on him. CA DMV does not note permits in the database that law enforcement has access to, so the officers could not find out if he had a valid permit. They towed his motorcycle for no motorcycle endorsement. As the tow truck driver was preparing to load the bike, the rider remembered he had his papers from the DMV in his trunk. They let him pull it out and there was his valid motorcycle permit. He showed it to the officers but they said there was nothing they could do, he would have to talk to the investigating officer in the morning. So his motorcycle was unlawfully taken from him.

Another rider was pulled over and cited for worn tires, certainly not something an officer can see on a moving vehicle at night. Another pre-text traffic stop.

There are probably a hundred stories like that. Most all pre-text, illegal traffic stops. Those illegal stops, according to the Sgt in charge of the operation, resulted in 12 arrests, mostly for warrants and "bad attitudes," and 22 impounds, mostly for no motorcycle endorsements. Countless citations were issued for correctable equipment violations.

Much of this action was taken to "show off" for an ABC story about reckless and dangerous motorcyclists and stunters. The story is supposed to air on ABC's Good Morning America tomorrow morning, Friday, June 6.

This has to stop! We can not sit here and allow law enforcement to so blatantly violate our civil rights, whether it is at a bike night in CA or a bike show in NY.

You can read more about this on our website:


I am asking for any and all help you can offer.

Thank you.

Jeremy Simmons
Impact Motorsports Promotions


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