Bikers' Rights: Changes in Head Injuries ... Following Repeal of Pennsylvania Mandatory Motorcycle Helmet Law

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Changes in Head Injuries ... Following Repeal of
Pennsylvania Mandatory Motorcycle Helmet Law
Release Number 0086

Thanks to Lynn Wesley and Shirley "GirlGeek" Vandever

Kristen J. Mertz, MD, MPH ( mertzk@edc.pitt.edu )
Harold B. Weiss, PhD, MPH ( weisshb@upmc.edu )
American Journal of Public Health
August 2008, Vol. 98, No. 8



"To evaluate the 2003 repeal of Pennsylvania's motorcycle helmet law, we assessed changes in helmet use and compared motorcycle-related head injuries with nonhead injuries from 2001-2002 to 2004-2005. Helmet use among riders in crashes decreased from 82% to 58%. Head injury deaths increased 66%; nonhead injury deaths increased 25%. Motorcycle-related head injury hospitalizations increased 78% compared with 28% for nonhead injury hospitalizations. Helmet law repeals jeopardize motorcycle riders. Until repeals are reversed, states need voluntary strategies to increase helmet use."

Pennsylvania Helmet Law Study, Table 1

Pennsylvania Helmet Law Study, Table 2

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Pennsylvania Injuries Rise After Repeal of Helmet Law
Washington Post, United States
THURSDAY, June 12 (HealthDay News) -- In the two years after Pennsylvania repealed its universal motorcycle helmet law, there was a 32 percent increase in ...

Study: Cycle head injuries up sharply since Pa. changed law
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA
By Kari Andren HARRISBURG - Motorcycle head injuries have spiked significantly since the state repealed its law requiring riders to wear helmets, ...

Head injuries soar since repeal of helmet law
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA
By Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Repeal of Pennsylvania's motorcycle helmet law has led to a big increase in serious head injuries, according to a ...

Study: Pa. Biker Deaths, Injuries Increased
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) ? A study by the University of Pittsburgh finds that motorcycle deaths and head injuries have increased since Pennsylvania repealed its ...

Pitt study says helmet-less riders hazard to health
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA
By Allison M. Heinrichs Deaths and hospitalizations from head injuries increased considerably among Pennsylvania motorcyclists in the two years after the ...

Head Injuries Up After Helmet Law Repeal
By Jennifer Warner June 12, 2008 -- Head injuries from motorcycle crashes rose after the repeal of motorcycle helmet laws in Pennsylvania, a study shows. ...

Study: Head injuries up since Pa. helmet law's repeal
York Daily Record, PA
By JENNIFER C. YATES AP Writer PITTSBURGH--The number of Pennsylvania motorcyclists suffering fatal head injuries has increased by more than 60 percent since ...

August 2008 AJPH Highlights: Innovations in Design and Analysis
Newswise (press release)
Newswise -- After the 2003 repeal of Pennsylvania's motorcycle helmet law, helmet use by riders involved in reportable crashes decreased from 82 percent in ...

Head injuries among motorcyclists rose after helmet law repeal
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA
By Allison M. Heinrichs There was a large increase in hospitalizations and deaths from head injuries among motorcyclists in the two years following the ...

Head injuries increase after motorcycle helmet law repeal
Science Centric, Bulgaria
Pennsylvania motorcyclists suffered large increases in head injury deaths and hospitalisations in the two years following the repeal of its motorcycle ...


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