Bikers' Rights: What Happens When The Fox Takes Charge of The Chicken Coop

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What Happens When The Fox Takes Charge of The Chicken Coop
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IronBoltBruce on Bikers Rights, Motorcyclists Rights, MRO Like millions of Americans, last night I watched the first Presidential debate between "Borrow-and-Spend McSame" and "Tax-and-Spend Oblabla". I saw the event as 90 minutes of re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Neither offered any new ideas as to how to capture Bin Laden, defeat global terrorism, restore our reputation abroad, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure at home, or end our dependence on foreign oil. More importantly, they were equally clueless as to how we can keep our economy from sinking in a rising 10 TRILLION DOLLAR SEA OF DEBT that--even if we manage to preserve our ailing republic--will be a shameful legacy for our grandchildren:

Source: http://www.cedarcomm.com/~stevelm1/usdebt.htm#_ftnref1


How did we get in this mess? Ask a hundred "experts" and you'll get a hundred answers. One thing for sure is that "We the People" have made a helluva lot of mistakes. One of those may have been placing too much of our fate, fortune and future in the hands of greedy attorneys. Perhaps the most intelligent question Dan Quayle ever asked was this:

"Does America really need 70 percent of the world's lawyers?"

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Bikers Rights, Motorcyclists Rights, Long Distance Motorcycle Riding

Like it or not, our nation was founded by lawyers, and some say for the benefit of lawyers. In fact, 35 of our 55 Founding Fathers (the signers of the Declaration of Independence) were lawyers. Lawyers both created and control our government and the body of laws that form the framework for our "democratic" society. According to the Princeton Review...


..."over a half-million people currently hold full- or part-time elective offices in the United States, [and] a significant majority of full-time, career politicians are lawyers". That observation raises no immediate concerns, so long as you can safely assume that the primary agenda of our lawyer/politicians is to promote, protect and preserve the rights and interests of their constituents (us). But is that their primary agenda? The Princeton Review goes on to say that many of our lawyer/politicians "...return to private practice after leaving office. Many [become lobbyists who] represent clients doing business with the government offices they vacated, putting their knowledge of politics in this specific area for financial gain."

Now that observation raises some concerns and begs some important questions: At what point in the process, for example, are a lawyer/politician's constituent interests supplanted by the special interests of their (future) clients? To what extent are lawyer/politicians' agendas influenced by (the prospect of) personal financial gain? And, what should we expect to happen along their career path at points where self-interests conflict with those of constituents or clientele?

Being vigilant in the pursuit and uncompromising in the assessment of answers to those questions is the only thing that might keep "We the People" from becoming a "Flock of Sheeple". And that applies to all areas of politics and law ... as if the two could be separated ... including Motorcyclists' Rights:

Preserving, protecting and promoting the interests of American motorcyclists is a political mission. And in a "nation founded by lawyers for lawyers," we would be quixotically naive to think we can accomplish that mission without the support of qualified attorneys with compatible agendas, dedicated to the achievement of our goals. By "qualified" I mean politically-savvy specialists well-versed in constitutional law, navigating the legislative process, and dealing with bureaucracy. And no offense to our biker barrister brothers, but that means a lot more than placing blind faith in any "Attorneys Who Ride", e.g.:


There is nothing wrong with being--or in case of injury, calling on--personal injury lawyers in general, or motorcycle injury lawyers in particular. They play a necessary role in our litigious society. And if their fee is contingent upon winning your case, then it's a good bet their agenda will be consistent with yours! Yes, motorcycle injury lawyers provide an invaluable service for injured motorcyclists. But we must always keep in mind that the interests and agenda of personal injury lawyers can run counter to those of the bikers' rights movement. In other words:

If the mission of a motorcyclists' rights organization (MRO) is to preserve and protect the interests of bikers, then MRO leaders and members should be extremely wary of alliances with individuals and organizations that profit solely from our loss.

Speaking strictly for myself and no other individuals or organizations,


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