Bikers' Rights: MRF VP Michael 'Boz' Kerr Says: Motorcyclists - Get Out and Vote!

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MRF VP Michael 'Boz' Kerr Says: Motorcyclists - Get Out and Vote!
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For Immediate Release

29 October 2008

Contact: Michael "Boz" Kerr, MRF Vice President
Email: boz@mrf.org

Motorcyclists - get out and vote!

In a matter of days, Americans will make the decision as to who will be the 44th President of the United States. Presidential elections bring out the largest number of voters, and the top of the ticket can have a definite impact on the down ballot races. Those races, specifically the 435 seats in the House of Representatives and the 35 seats in the United States Senate (there are 2 special Senatorial elections this year in addition to the 33 seats in this cycle) should be of serious interest to us.

In the next Congress we will see debate begin on the re-authorization of the Interstate Highway funding act, which has historically been the defining piece of legislation for us. It is imperative that we support our friends in Congress in those down ballot races and not let them get buried in what could be a landslide vote for President in some states. A defeat of Congressmen who are supportive of our issues could turn what we perceive to be potentially a positive piece of legislation on its ear. The days of "transfer penalties", sometimes referred to as "helmet law blackmail", could be on the horizon if we don't get out and vote.

There are over six million Americans who ride motorcycles. Our challenge in the coming year will be to convey the message to those who hold public office that:

  • Motorcyclists are overwhelmingly registered as voters.
  • Motorcyclists show up at the polls on Election Day in a far higher percentage than almost any other demographic group.
  • Motorcyclists are mindful of the voting records and views on motorcycling of the candidates for congress.
  • That when those six million motorcyclists are face to face with their ballots, they will lean to those candidates who are supportive of our issues.

We can make those points a reality on November 4th. Then, when that fact begins to resonate through the halls of Congress, our problems will begin to fade away.

Everything that we do as activists in the motorcyclists' rights movement is important. Nothing, however, is as important as voting. It trumps everything else that we do.

This report is not meant to sway anyone to vote for any particular candidate for federal office. It is intended to motivate you to get out and vote. Remember, elections are won on Election Day - the actual election is the only poll that counts.

If you haven't already taken advantage of early voting, get to the polls on November 4th. Ride your bike, wear your leathers, wear your vest, or your colors. Bring your helmet into the polling place, or rev your bike when you leave. Do it - but most importantly vote.

Think of voting as something that is the most important maintenance task you'll do to keep your bike on the road. Vote as if your riding in future years depends on it - it does.


Michael Kerr
MRF Vice President


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