Bikers' Rights: NCOM is a Bunch of Heels, Heels

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NCOM is a Bunch of Heels, Heels
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Bikers' Rights Advocate IronBoltBruce From: IronBoltBruce [mailto:Bruce@LdrLongDistanceRider.com]
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 10:42 PM
To: 'PMBC@preciousmetalsbikeclub.com'; 'precious_metals_bikeclub@yahoo.com'; 'blackmotorcycleclubs@yahoogroups.com'
Subject: NCOM is a Bunch of Heels, Heels


First let me declare that if this is really you...




...then you are one fine lookin' lady rider! And I say that knowing full well that the fine lookin' Sista who rides behind (and fights beside) me may well make me pay for this candid statement of admiration.

That is a known potential consequence of my actions, and I accept the risk. What I hate, though, is being surprised by "unintended consequences". For example, in the April 2009 installment of "Bruce on Bikers Rights"...


...I warned America's motorcyclists' rights organizations (MROs) that they must either evolve by opening their hearts, minds and memberships to ALL riders--regardless of ride or race--or face certain extinction. And in so doing, it was NEVER my intention to tip off NCOM on how to expand its market base. And yes, I said "market base" and not "membership". That's because NCOM is not really a "national coalition of motorcyclists", and therefore not really an MRO. NCOM is a marketing facade ... a front-end for Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (AIM), a network of ambulance-chasing attorneys headed up by Richard Lester, a slimeball whose true agenda was exposed by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) years ago:


Richard Lester's AIM/NCOM is an organization of lawyers, founded by lawyers, and ultimately for the benefit of lawyers ... lawyers whose principal profits come from our loss:


Don't think for a moment that you were being wooed or recruited by these heels, Heels. YOU WERE BEING HERDED, like sheep to the slaughter! And speaking of Judas goats...

Be forewarned that James "Doc" Reichenbach II harbors no more concern for the welfare of sportbikers--white OR black--than I'd guess you do for Klansmen. Reichenbach was widely accused of offering to sell out Florida's sportbikers on HB-137 in return for stiffer penalties legislation:


He then denied any involvement when his collusion with headline-seeking anti-biker politico Carlos Lopez-Cantera (R-FL) was exposed...


...while at the same time openly expressing his contempt for sportbikers, with comments like this to the Miami Herald:

"'I don't consider those people bikers,' said James 'Doc' Reichenbach, president of ABATE of Florida."



IN CONCLUSION, Heels, I encourage you and ALL riders--regardless of ride or race--to get more involved in motorcyclists' rights and defending our Right-to-Ride. And like the AMA's Ed Youngblood, I recommend you place your faith in motorcyclists' rights organizations (MROs) that "...are democratic, member-directed, non-profit organizations ... unaffiliated with outside enterprises that can confuse their mission, taint their credibility, and pose serious conflicts of interest. The AMA is such an organization. Most of the ABATEs and other state rights organizations in America are. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) is... NCOM and AIM are not."

Ride Long, Ride Free,




National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) Wants Sports Bike Club
Posted by: ""Heels" (Precious Metals)" precious_metals_bikeclub@yahoo.com precious_metals_bikeclub
Date: Mon May 11, 2009 7:59 pm ((PDT))

National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) Wants Sports Bike Club

All motorcycle groups are invited to join the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) regardless of what they ride, the patch they wear or the motorcyclists' rights organization they belong to.  http://www.aimncom.com/ncom/ncom.htm

Following the 6th Annual PRO Convention in New Orleans, Brian "Seven Lawson and I (Violet L. "Heels" Lucas) were contacted by James "Doc" Reichenbach II, Chairman ABATE of Florida.  Doc (Mr. Reichenbach) extended the invitation to attend and speak at the 24th Annual National Coalition of Motorcyclist (NCOM) Conference in Reno, Nevada, May 7th-10th, 2009.  The invitation was truly an honor, later learning even more of an honor than we would imagine.

Prior to this invitation and speaking at the 6th Annual PRO Convention, myself (Violet L. "Heels" Lucas) and a few other sports bike riders had already reached out to the Harley side, interacting and participating in their charity rides and poker runs.  We were amazed to see the overwhelming sponsor support and the huge amounts that they were able to raise for such charitable causes.  Through this interaction with the Harley side, we learned that they were no different than you or I and whole heartedly welcomed the sports bike community into their community, introducing us to ABATE (American Bikers Aimed Towards Education) dedicated to the preservation of motorcycling.  Within a year, we encountered the unified fight against the City of Myrtle Beach for the preservation of our rights as motorcyclists.

After speaking at the 6th Annual PRO Convention in New Orleans, Doc (Mr. Reichenbach) introduced and educated me to the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM).  I never imagined that I would be speaking at anyone's forum, meetings, seminars or conference, I simply spoke out because I didn't want to be discriminated because of race, gener, religion, or the fact that I ride a motorcycle, at this point, I found myself attending and speaking at many of our forum, meetings, seminars or conferences that pertained to the motorcyclists.

Through the many voices and bodies that speak or merely show up, I simply learned that we as bikers have more power than we can imagine.  We are a diversified group of people made of all walk and make of life, collectively through unification, we need to educate the legislation that makes the decision about who we are, without knowing who we are.

Through Doc's (Mr. Reichenbach) invitation, I learned that the National Coalition of Motorcyclist (NCOM) is reaching out to us in the sports bike community to become apart of this organization.  NCOM is not another association, but rather a bringing together of existing motorcycle groups for the purpose of mutual exchange of information, legislative strategy and the combined strength to fight all that is adverse to the freedom of the road.

Upon arriving to the 24th Annual National Coalition of Motorcyclist Conference, I was nervous about what to expect or how I would be received.  What I received was more than you can imagine, to be embraced by so many with an overwhelming amount of love, respect, appreciation and the request for the sports bike community to become a part of the NCOM Family.

I sincerely appreciate the invitation and the opportunity to attend and speak at the 24th Annual  NCOM Conference, but I am more appreciative of what I learned.  Their was an overwhelming amount of knowledge, clubs and State Representation present.  The variation of clubs from, Harleys, 1% to Christian Clubs, all standing under the same umbrella for the preservation and education of motorcycle rights.  To hear many of the members in attendance, continuously ask the same question as to "how can we get the sports bike community involved and become a part of NCOM" was overwhelming.  NCOM has opened the door to the sports bike community and they are asking, waiting and welcoming us to come in.  The laws that affects one, affects all.  Collectively, we must bridge the gap and bring UNITY within the COMMUNITY.

On behalf of NCOM, please join the National Coalition of Motorcyclist, there is no charge for your club to join, there is so much information to be learn and be shared, please attend the 25th Annual National Coalition of Motorcyclist Conference in Orlando, FL - May 6-9, 2010. Orlando Airport Marriott, 7499 Augusta National Drive, Orlando, FL (800) 380-6751 - $89.00 per night.



Violet L. "Heels" Lucas
Much Luv and Respect "Heels"
Face Down, Azz Up, Grip the Clutch and Twist the Throttle...
Holla at the one and only infamous "Heels"... I'm Out!
Secretary and Web Master
Precious Metals Bike Club


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