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If America was a democracy, Chuck...
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Hey Chuck,

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Bikers Rights, Motorcyclists Rights, Long Distance Motorcycle Riding

Most Americans think we live in a "democracy". But in a democracy, no citizen is above the law. America today is NOT a democracy, my friend, and I am beginning to wonder if she ever was...

POINT 1.  If America was a democracy, wherein the value of the lives of all citizens was equal, the State of Louisiana would have made sure that Mayor Brenda Melancon was held accountable for murdering one motorcyclist and injuring another, regardless of her membership in the Baton Rouge "good ole boys" club:


POINT 2.  If America was a democracy, wherein all citizens were held accountable to the same legal standards, the First Lady of the State of California would be punished the same as any East L.A. Latina for breaking the law, regardless of the fact that she's a Kennedy brat married to a silver screen pseudo-hero:


POINT 3.  If America was a democracy, we would act like People, not Sheeple, and DEMAND to know why three (not two) World Trade Center towers came down on 9-11-01 ... when only two were hit by airplanes ... and the maximum temperature achieved by either jet fuel or "office" fires is nowhere near what would be necessary to bring down the steel cores of ANY of the three buildings (WTC 1, 2 or 7):


POINT 4.  If America was a democracy, "We the People" would NEVER have allowed 9/11 to serve as pretext and cover for the most massive transfer of wealth in recorded history. The following two articles taken together illustrate how the federal government's "response to" [or strategy for?] the 9/11 terrorist attacks resulted in the richest 1 percent of America capturing two-thirds of all income growth from 2002 to 2007:

Article 1:  "The financial collapse of 2008 has been described as an 'economic 9/11' for the United States. How ironic, then, that the origin of the collapse can be traced, in part, to the federal government's response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks themselves. While most Americans felt vulnerable and uneasy about the nation's safety and security, actions taken by the government, in particular the Federal Reserve, would eventually have a major effect on citizens' financial security, rather than their physical safety."

"Bust, Boom and Blame"

Article 2:  "While the bottom 99 percent of incomes grew at a solid pace of 2.7 percent per year from 1993 - 2000, these incomes grew only 1.3 percent per year from 2002 - 2007. As a result, in the economic expansion of 2002 - 2007, the top 1 percent captured two thirds of income growth."

"Concentration of wealth in hands of rich greatest on record"

POINT 5.  If America was a democracy, Chuck, Gordon Duff would never have had to write this article...


...and I would never have been prompted to issue this warning:

You may have noticed an upsurge in "terrorist" reports in the media recently. Like the news from Iran that was timed to keep the Sheeple distracted from the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh and the 9/11 March for Answers in New York. Perhaps you also saw the recent 3 hours of "programming" (both meanings) on the Discovery Channel assuring us that although many US Presidents and other politicians are or were Freemasons ... who've had dealings for hundreds of years with the Rothschilds ... who along with the Rockefellers founded the Bilderberg Group ... whose attendees include both current and former US Treasury Secretaries Tim Geithner and Hank Paulson ... the former CEO of Goldman-Sachs ... which received a 10 billion dollar bailout from US last year ... so they could post record earnings in Q2 of this year, more than doubling their stock prices YTD ... that DESPITE ALL OF THAT ... we need not listen to the crazy conspiracy theorists' claims that our politicians are the puppets of financial and industrial robber barons whose greedy New World Order globalization strategies have gutted our economy and brought America and Western Civilization to the brink of destruction.


"Prefiero morir de pie que vivir de rodillas."--Emiliano Zapata

Yo también...


P.S. Most of you heard the original story that Pat Tillman died "charging uphill" in Afghanistan. Many of you later heard the government backtrack on that and admit he was killed by "friendly fire". But how many of you are willing to demand an investigation into whether he was in fact "taken out" the day before he planned to go public with the fact his Army Ranger unit had Osama Bin Laden trapped, but were forced to stand down and let him escape freely across the border into Pakistan the previous November? Watch this amateurish but on-point video soon:

http://tinyurl.com/yfs9jez (Warning: I have NOT verified the content of this video)

Some of the text was taken offline today. Next will be the video itself.


From: Chuck Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2009 4:17 PM To: 'IronBoltBruce' Subject: Recent(?) Post on Forum Website

Bruce --

I just read in your forum about Amy Pickholtz being on a radio show to promote motorcycle awareness. I feel that most exposure is beneficial to the motorcyclist's plight and I certainly endorse her efforts. I did a web search and read the article from Idaho ABATE that talked about the crash in 2007 that killed her husband and severely injured her but have found nothing about whether or not the cause of the crash -- Mayor Brenda Melancon of Sorrento Louisiana -- was prosecuted or not. The impression is that she simply walked away. I know you research extensively -- can you shed any light on what the outcome to the perp was?




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