Fred Grimm's Tag Line Should Read: Why bother with research when they'll pay me for baseless rants?

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Attention 9/11 Truth Advocates:
A Request for Comments

Attention 9/11 Truth Advocates:

I would greatly appreciate it if you would review this online exchange between me and an incompetent Miami Herald columnist named Fred Grimm, and then post any appropriate comments you have there:

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http://tinyurl.com/yk4u2ud   (short link)

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Bikers Rights, Motorcyclists Rights, Long Distance Motorcycle Riding

By "appropriate", I mean calm, clear and rational comments justifying the need for an open, independent and umimpeded investigation to disclose the real truth about 9/11. This column is widely read for some reason, and posting a few comments might at least show the public that more than a few American citizens are demanding an end to the coverup.

If you choose to contribute, I thank you.



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Subject: Fred Grimm's Tag Line Should Read: "Why bother with research when they'll pay me for baseless rants?"

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"Another Reason To Wear Motorcycle Helmets"

"Grimm Truth" My Iron Butt, Fred:

How you manage to keep your job in trying times amazes me, given all the lies the Miami Herald inks for you. For your edification, Einstein, my position on helmet usage is the same as that of the American Motorcyclist Association:


I have NEVER opposed the use of motorcycle helmets. I own and regularly use four of them. I only oppose laws mandating helmet usage--and for very good reasons--and you'll find no quote from me anywhere suggesting otherwise. So I'll expect a published retraction and apology on that point from the Miami Herald within ... Check that, I could care less.

As for John Farmer ... ALMOST EVERYTHING YOU WROTE IS WRONG. For one thing, Farmer was never "a member of the 9-11 commission". He was their Senior Counsel, as I correctly stated. And he is not now "Dean of Rutgers Law School", but rather Dean of ONE of the Rutgers Law Schools, again as I correctly stated.

AND AS FOR "9/11" ... had you actually read Farmer's book, you'd know his objective was primarily to distance himself as far as he could from the lies of the "9/11 [Commission|Omission] Report" while saying as little as possible about what the truth actually was. And as for that, I challenge any rational person of at least average intelligence to watch this video and then tell me what our government told us is "the truth":


Please ask your editors to find someone meeting those criteria to watch this two-hour technical presentation, Grimm, and have them convey their findings. Perhaps, if they use simple charts and small words, even you will get it...


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