Big Brother Has a Name, and that Name is CLOUDMARK (nsCensorship)

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Big Brother Has a Name, and that Name is CLOUDMARK

Attention All Online Activists and especially Network Solutions Clients:

Some of you may recall me claiming that "they" were blocking emails containing my 9/11 Truth Bikers domain name. Well, I have uncovered who "they" is. "They" is Cloudmark, the purveyors of "Cloudmark Authority":


This spam filter focuses on "content-based spam signatures" using decision rules determined by whoever installs the software on their email servers. Well, one of those installers was Network Solutions, Inc., one of the world's largest domain registrars and web hosting companies. And using the "authority" granted by Cloudmark, Network Solutions has been blocking all incoming and outgoing emails that contain even one reference to "9)1)1)T)r)u)t)h)B)i)k)e)r)s).)c)o)m". And as if to add further punishment for my boat-rocking, they even started blocking all emails containing my phone number!

Why would Network Solutions DO something like that?!? I don't know for sure--yet--but tracing their origin, history and ownership as I just did is something I recommend for all who champion 9/11 Truth and oppose Constitutional erosion. This graphic (which I encourage you to copy, repost and broadcast) should set you on the right track:

Cloudmark, nsCensorship, Network Solutions, General Atlantic, Council on Foreign Relations, 9/11
Source of Base Image: Networking with Spooks




Millions of emails are filtered through Network Solutions email servers every day. What else is Network Solutions using Cloudmark-enabled "nsCensorship" to block besides my 911 URL and my phone number? And how many other Internet companies are exercising similar "Cloudmark Authority"? And, how many more Big Brother enablers like Cloudmark are out there?

Please pass this along to everyone who might be affected ... which is pretty much everyone who uses email.


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of the press--of newspapers, books, magazines, radio, movies, and
other forms of presenting ideas. So long as that's free, a peaceful
intellectual turn is possible."
--Ayn Rand

Cloudmark Censors, But Does Not Filter


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