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Distance Riding with Bruce

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This series chronicles the rides and reflections of record-holding long distance motorcycle rider IronBoltBruce. Bruce was one of the first 10 Mile Eater Gold members in the Iron Butt Association, to which he has to date submitted 56 distance and endurance rides - 56 certified, 0 in-process, all ONE RIDE, ONE CERT including:

  • Extreme Long Distance Endurance Motorcycle Rider IronBoltBruce the 100CCC Insanity (CCC GOLD)
  • 18 SaddleSore 1000's (SS1000's)
  • 5 Bun Burner 1500's (BB1500's)
  • 6 SaddleSore 2000's (SS2000's)
  • 22 Bun Burner GOLD 1500's (BBG1500's)
  • 2 Bun Burner GOLD 3000's (BBG3000's)
  • the Bun Burner GOLD Trifecta (BBG4500)

All of IronBoltBruce's Iron Butt rides were completed "old school", meaning without the use of oversized tanks, fuel cells, Bluetooth headsets, Garmin GPS, or heated clothing. From January 2007 to May 2008, he submitted at least one IBA ride each month for a total of 22 rides over the 17-month period. In December 2008, he became the first Harley-Davidson rider to complete the BBG4500. In June 2010, Bruce became the first exclusively Harley rider to complete 50 Iron Butt rides and the first Iron Butt rider to complete 50 certified rides on the same bike. And as of September 2014 he holds the record for the most BBG1500's completed with 22 certified rides:

Click to Enlarge: Iron Butt Mile Eater Gold Club
Iron Butt Association
Mile Eater Gold Club
(56 Certified IBA Rides)

Click to Enlarge: Iron Butt Most Bun Burner Golds
Iron Butt Association
Most Bun Burner Golds
(22 Certified BBG Rides)

BBG4500 Certificate: Click to Enlarge
Iron Butt Association
First Harley-Davidson Rider to
Complete the BBG 4500

Gettin' My Kicks on Route 66!

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