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The incredible story of the 7/49
a book by Ron Ayres

Did you love Against the Wind? We did. So in 1998, we couldn't resist when Ron Ayres offered to write a book about his shattering the Guinness Record for visiting the 48 contiguous states in 6 days and 31 minutes, then setting a new record by adding Alaska in exactly 7 days and 20 minutes after starting in Kittery, Maine on June 7th.

Against the Clock is the story of Ayres' historic ride, demonstrating the importance of teamwork in achieving a difficult objective many thought to be unattainable. It thoroughly captures the flavor of the ride as it happened: the internet community's reactions to the daily, hourly, even minute-by-minute updates, the frantic and chaotic e-mails concerning his condition, his mishaps, his personal and public victories, and finally, Ron's personal observations about his condition and concern for others.

But all the accounts from other sources cannot capture the enormity of what was accomplished like Ron's own writing does. Against the Clock adds a new dimension to the ride. Those who were volunteers at checkpoints, even those who were Ron's closest companions on the ride, will hear his innermost thoughts, feelings, concerns, struggles, and personal triumphs in the same easygoing style that won rave reviews for Against the Wind. Displaying the trials and tribulations of the superhuman ride for the world to see with total sincerity, Ron shows why he has become a symbol of all that's good in the whole motorcycling community, and why he deserves the title "hero."

Ron Ayres is a nationally recognized motorcycle endurance rider who has completed numerous endurance competitions, including two Iron Butt rallies. His first book, Against the Wind, chronicles his participation in the 1995 Iron Butt Rally, which he finished in sixth place after riding more than 12,000 miles in eleven days. Against the Wind has been widely acclaimed among motorcyclists and non-riders alike and is now in its third printing.

In 1998, Ron shattered a Guinness World Record when he visited all 48 contiguous states by motorcycle in just six days. After completing his 48-state journey in Washington, he continued to Hyder, Alaska, and set a record as the first motorcyclist to visit all 49 North American states in seven days.

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