Near Fort Stockton TX

The Last Three Iron Butt Rides

September 2014

Iron Butt Rides #54, #55 and #56

  • On 09/02/2014 motorcycle rider Bruce Arnold aka IronBoltBruce completed his 56th Iron Butt ride and 18th SaddleSore 1000 (SS1000) by riding 1117 miles in 16 hours 42 minutes.
  • In August 2014, Long Distance Motorcyclist IronBoltBruce Rides Through 1,534 Miles of Fracking Ecocide in 22 Hours, his 55th Iron Butt ride and 22nd Bun Burner Gold (BBG1500).
  • On 09/13/2012 endurance rider IronBoltBruce completed his 54th Iron Butt ride and 17th SaddleSore 1000 (SS1000) by riding 1349 miles in 19 hours 37 minutes.