Bruce & Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall StreetBruce Arnold published his first “Letter to the Editor” at 15; organized and got parade permits for his first peaceful protest march at 16; first engaged and exchanged gunfire in what a racist corporate fascist media called a riot at 17; was first arrested for disorderly conduct and failure to obey an officer of the law five days after he turned 18; accepted his first statewide political appointment at 19 – and resigned from it in disgust before turning 20. He spent a good portion of the ensuing 40 years in various guises fighting for causes he believed to be “right” – as in the right thing to do, and with no reference to the false Left/Right political paradigm fabricated to keep the Have-Nots fighting each other over puppets rather than attacking the kleptocratic puppetmaster Haves pulling all strings Left and Right.

One of those causes was the well-intended but ill-fated Occupy Wall Street protest movement, in which IronBoltBruce was active from its first Day of Rage on 17 September 2011, through its co-optation by Democratic Party front the following Spring, and for some time thereafter. His contributions to OWS included the research/drafting/distribution of corporate and govermental corruption exposés along with doxing, rat-f**king, black PR and sub rosa cyberactivism.

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